5.1 Ecosystem
5.11 Farm System
5.11 Farm System Players’ achievements are all reflected in the farm system. Farming and breeding are carried out through the farm. Players can purchase production resources and land in their wallets, and earn corresponding rewards through work in the game.
For example, at the beginning of the game, the player uses PLATO to buy a planting field, sows the wheat seedlings purchased with MARK on the planting field, waits 30minutes for the wheat to be mature, then harvests it to obtain wheat, and then sells the wheat for MARK which can then be freely traded on the secondary market.
This is one of the gameplay methods and the main interaction method of the farm system. There are rare NFT resources and general items on the farm.
Some rare items include land, special crops, special tools, special fruit trees, special animals, and processing workshops. All need to be unlocked through PLATO tokens. These rare NFT items will be continuously introduced as the game progresses.
Common Items Include:
Tools / Fruit trees
Processing Plants
Processing Plants
Processing Workshop
Farm System(single player)
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